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Sepeda MTB Freeride Trek Scratch

Sepeda MTB Freeride Trek Scratch

Sepeda MTB Freeride Trek Scratch


With the addition of the coil-sprung, aluminum Scratch 9, Trek becomes an burning industry baton in an arising category: the sub-space amid accurate all-mountain and full-on freeride. In that genre, a bike maker's attempting to alloy the acclivous rideability of an all-mountain rig and the decline chops of a freeride bike. That said, for Trek, the Scratch was an attack to ample a aperture in its band amid the all-mountain Remedy and the DH Session. "People were application the Remedy above its applications," says Trek's MTB cast administrator Michael Browne. "And the Session...well, we knew we could get to a lighter abode than you can with a 200mm bike and still accomplish a bike you could ride acclivous and bomb downhill."


Trek brought its design, engineering and abstruse ability to the fore, amalgam Active Braking Axis (ABP), EVO articulation and Abounding Floater into the platform. While these technologies (go to trekbikes.com/us/en/story/scratch to apprentice more) are begin on every Trek-branded abeyance bike, the altered means they're activated makes anniversary archetypal a different aggregate of geometry and suspension, says Browne. "The EVO articulation on the Session is huge and gets progressively abate as you move bottomward our band to a bike like the Scratch," he says. "It additionally changes axis points, which in about-face changes angles, tube lengths and credibility of suspension. That's afore you alike alpha talking about valve settings aural the shock itself."


The Scratch 9's alloy of a aerial billowing bottomward tube, able-bodied arch tube and the dejected anondized accomplishment on aggregate from the rear derailleur cage to anchor levers, bench collars and shifters, adds up to a bound package. "We spent a lot of time developing a attending and feel we were blessed with," says Browne, who adds that the architecture isn't carefully cosmetically driven. "There is a lot of assignment that goes into manipulating the tubeset to get a specific strength-to-weight ratio. The beefy arch tube contributes to acerbity and adherence and a arresting feel alike on rocky, aflutter terrain."

The Scratch 9 includes a 142x12 rear hub for added rear acerbity and a rear caster that's easier to remove. A cast of a dent on the aback of the EVO articulation rocker arm slackens the arch bend from 66.5 degrees to 66, and lowers the basal bracket slightly.


It's one affair to accomplish a 170mm bike that can pedal acclivous and still advance freeride-descending characteristics. It's addition to accomplish one that does all this well, alike while application a coil-sprung FOX DHX 5.0 shock. With sag, high- and low-speed compression and backlash dialed to Trek's recommended settings, the Scratch climbs with little bobbing and hasty ability for a 35-pound bike. Some lighter testers alike claimed they'd accord up their XC bikes for aggregate but antagonism because of the Scratch's aggressive and bottomward prowess.

Despite the bike's weight, the abounding activity of the abeyance helps bigger riders ascend bigger because the absorption is phenomenal. We put it in an accessible accessory and bashed over aloof about everything. On descents, we alone the Crank Brothers Joplin seatpost and begin the Scratch to be the eye-watering, minimal-brake-feedback freeride accompaniment it's billed to be. The advanced end is superstiff and holds a solid band through aisle bits of every size. If ABP sounds like bike-manufacturer business speak, it isn't. There was little to no rear-wheel babble back braking in choppy, accelerated corners. The aforementioned captivated accurate for added nuanced braking on smoother point-and-go terrain. We've apparent added companies affirmation to accomplish a bike that does aggregate the Scratch does. Until now, though, those bikes accept either stumbled or absent the mark as climbers or descenders.

Sepeda MTB Freeride Trek Scratch

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